I’m using the past paper from 2013 I would do question 17. I would analyse the grammar as mr birling becomes shaken which is evident through the use of elipsis and full stops. Then i would say how it has affected the characters who are not remorseful this makes the audience aware that the telephone […]

  Well first of all being a biological enthusiast I couldn’t pass the opportunity to visit one of few if any places in the world in  which you can still see the rain-forest in its beautiful untouched state. As well as this factor I though it could be a good way to introduce ,my daughter, […]

The author here depicts mr Birlings arrogance and disrespect of the lower classes which he himself is from. Many people who would of watched this play would of been from a lower class than mr Birling is from. The author would have done this intentionally to provoke the audience to make the people dislike him […]

The author here has deliberately used their knowledge of historical events to portray Birling as arrogant, ignorant and conceited. We know this because the book was written in 1940-1943 which would mean the author would have knowledge of all events which were mentioned. “you’ll hear some people say war is inevitable. And to that i […]

England, the co-founding fathers of the beautiful game known as football. With age comes wisdom and knowledge, not with this team. With age comes strength and experience, not with this team. With age comes triumph and glory, not with this team. Should a team with no depth, effect on the game or developed style of […]

The Guardian article ‘Ice bucket challenge: who’s pouring cold water on the idea?’ by Steve Rose, is a piece that should be read by all people, primarily because it brings forward the many problems that arise as a result of this phenomena. I’m pretty sure we are all aware of what happens when one takes part in this viral […]

The epitome of his outlook on life. It was dull, filled with anxiety and last of all it was a ball of social expectations and pressures which he would inevitably gravitate to in some way. As he peered across the room timidly he couldn’t help but feel as though a slightly menacing atmosphere loomed over […]

In this essay I will be analysing the ways in which characters flaws are shown in Othello, Porphyria’s lover and Soliloquy of the Spanish cloister. I believe that these flaws act as a catalyst to help push the story along. This being said, many of the characters have flaws which lead directly to their downfall. […]

I awake as the sunlight pierces through the makeshift curtains and shines onto my face. The sun warms up the left side of me, and the sand grains make their way into my ears and nose as I frantically toss my head to get the sun out of my eyes. It didn’t help. I sit […]